Volume II  Page 69  §  The Nature of the Ego and Its Termination: II

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

        Every thought, feeling or action which springs from the idea of exclusive or separate existence binds. All experiences—small or great—and all aspirations—good or bad—create a load of impressions Slimming down of ego through love and nourish the sense of the “I.” The only experience which makes for the slimming down of the ego is the experience of love, and the only aspiration which makes for the alleviation of separateness is the longing to become one with the Beloved. Craving, hatred, anger, fear and jealousy are all exclusive attitudes which create a gulf between oneself and the rest of life. Love alone is an inclusive attitude which helps bridge this artificial and self-created gulf, and tends to break through the separative barrier of false imagination. The lover too longs, but he longs for union with the Beloved. In seeking or experiencing union with the Beloved the sense of the “I” becomes feeble. In love the “I” does not think of self-preservation, just as the moth is not at all afraid of getting burnt in the fire. The ego is the affirmation of being separate from the other, while love is the affirmation of being one with the other. Hence the ego can be dissolved only through real love.
        The ego is implemented by desires of varied types. Failure to fulfill desires is a failure of the ego. Success in attaining desired objects is a success of the ego. Ego made of desires Through the fulfilled desires as well as through the unfulfilled ones the ego is accentuated. The ego can even feed upon the comparative lull in the surging desires and assert its separative tendency through feeling that it is desireless. When there is real cessation of all desires, however, there is cessation of the desire to assert separativeness in any form. Therefore real freedom from all desires brings about the end of the ego. The bundle of the ego is made of faggots of multicoloured desires, and the breaking of these faggots