Volume III  Page 99  §  We Must Live for God and Die for God
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

We Must Live for God and Die for God

THIS war* is a necessary evil; it is in God’s plan, which is to awaken humanity to higher values. If humanity fails to profit by the lessons of the war, it will have suffered in vain. This war is teaching that even the man in the street can rise to the greatest heights of sacrifice for the sake of a selfless cause. It is also teaching that all the mundane things of the world—wealth, possessions, power, fame, family and even the very tenor of life on earth—are transitory and devoid of lasting value. Through the lessons which they bring, the incidents of war shall win man over for God, Who is the Truth, and they will initiate him into a new life which is inspired by true and lasting values. People are making unlimited sacrifices and enduring untold sufferings for the sake of their country or political ideology. They are therefore capable of the same sacrifices and endurance for the sake of God or the Truth. All religions have unequivocally claimed man for the life in the Truth; it is sheer folly to fight in the name of religions. It is time that men had a fresh vision of the truth that all life is one and that God is the only thing which is real and that matters. God is worth living for and He is also worth dying for. All else is a vain and empty pursuit of illusory values.
* World War II