Volume III  Page 73  §  Reincarnation and Karma
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

Reincarnation and Karma

Part IV

THE individualised soul has its beginning and source in the infinite, formless, sexless and indivisible being of God, Who is beyond all forms of duality or evolution. Sex a specific form of duality With the beginning of the individualised soul there is the beginning of duality and evolution, though the specific form of duality consisting in the distinction and attraction based upon sex makes its appearance at a later stage of evolution. Duality exists as soon as there is subject and object—a centre of consciousness (howsoever dim) and its environment. Sex, however, is a specific kind of bodily attraction which presupposes differentiation of forms, a specific kind of psychic entanglement with the forms, and specific expression of life and energy.
        In the mineral kingdom there is no sex. Sex in minerals and plants In the kingdom of plants and trees the bodily differentiations of sex, with specialised biological functions, have come into existence. Plants and trees do not generate sex-consciousness, since the development