Volume III  Page 44  §  The Circle
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Circle

AFTER several lives of search, purification, service and self-sacrifice a soul has the good fortune to meet and get connected with a God-realised Master. Entering circle of Master After several lives of close connection with the Master and love and service for the Master, he enters into his Circle. Those who have entered into the Circle of a Master are the souls who, through their efforts, have acquired the right (Adhikar) of having God-realisation. When the exact moment for realisation arrives, they attain it through the Grace of the Master.
        All actions in the world of duality are prompted by sanskaras of duality. Consciousness of duality implies the working of the impressions of duality. Function of impressions of duality These impressions of duality first serve the purpose of evolving and limiting consciousness, and then they serve the purpose of liberating it so as to facilitate Self-knowledge or God-realisation. The soul cannot attain consciousness of its own unity unless it goes through the experiences of duality which presuppose and require corresponding impressions of duality.
         From the very beginning till the very end, the soul is subject to the momentum of impressions which constitute