Volume III  Page 36  §  The Man-God

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Man-God

Part III

GOD-REALISATION is the endless end of creation and the timeless consummation and fructification of intelligent and unbinding Karma. Souls who have not realised God are still in the domain of duality, and their dealings of mutual give and take in different fields create the chains of Karmic debts and dues from which there is no escape. Free and unbinding give and take The Man-God however dwells in the consciousness of unity, and all that he does, not only does not bind him, but contributes towards the emancipation of others who are still in ignorance. For the Man-God there is none who is excluded from his own being. He sees himself in everyone, and since all that he does springs from the consciousness of non-duality, he can freely give and freely take without creating bindings for himself or others.
        Contact with Man-God beneficial to all If a person accepts without reserve from the bounty which the Man-God showers, he creates a link which will stand by him until he attains the goal of freedom and God-realisation. If a person serves the Man-God, offering all his life and possessions