Volume III  Page 28  §  The Man-God

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Man-God

Part II

OF all the objects of human study, God is the best. But purely theoretical study of God does not take the aspirant very far towards the real purpose of human life, though it is always better to study God than to be completely ignorant of His existence. Realising God different from intellectual knowledge of God He who seeks God intellectually is infinitely better than the person who is merely a skeptic or an agnostic. But it is decidedly better to feel God than to study Him through the intellect, though even feeling for God is less important than the actual experience of God. However, even the experience of God does not yield the true nature of Divinity, because God, as the object of experience, remains different from and external to the aspirant. The true nature of God is known to the aspirant only when he attains unity with God, by losing himself in His Being. Thus, it is better to study God than to be ignorant of Him; it is better to feel God than to study Him; it is better to experience God than to feel God; and it is better to become God than to experience Him.
         The state of God-realisation is unmarred by doubts