Volume III  Page 22  §  The Man-God

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Man-God

Part I

EVEN before God-realisation, the advanced aspirants pass through states of consciousness which, in some ways, are akin to the state of God-realisation. The joy of God-intoxication For example, the Masts and saints of the higher planes are completely desireless and immersed in the joy of God-intoxication. Since their only concern is God, they become the recipients of the unique happiness which is characteristic of the God-state. They have no Beloved except God, and they have no longing except for God. For them, God is not only the only Beloved, but also the only Reality that counts. They are unattached to everything except God, and remain unaffected by the pleasures and the pains to which worldly persons are subject, and they are happy because they are always face to face with the Divine Beloved, Who is the very ocean of happiness.
        Powers of advanced aspirants Advanced aspirants not only participate in some of the privileges of the Divine State, but also wield great occult powers and Siddhis. Depending upon the point of view of the powers which they