Volume III  Page 154  §  Maya

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba


Part IV

GOD is infinite by being above the limiting opposites of duality. He is above the limited aspects of good and bad, small and great, right and wrong, virtue and evil, happiness and misery; therefore He is infinite. God beyond duality If God were good rather than bad or bad rather than good, or if He were small rather than great or great rather than small, or if He were right rather than wrong or wrong rather than right, or if He were virtuous rather than evil or evil rather than virtuous, or if He were happy rather than miserable or miserable rather than happy, He would be finite and not infinite. Only by being above duality is God infinite.
        Whatever is infinite must transcend duality; it cannot be one part of duality. That which is truly infinite cannot be the dual part of the finite. Finite cannot be second part of infinite If the infinite is regarded as existing side by side with the finite it is no longer infinite, for it then becomes the second part of duality. God, Who is infinite, cannot descend into duality. So, the apparent existence of duality as infinite God and the finite world is illusory. God