Volume III  Page 148  §  Maya
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba


Part III

COUNTLESS are the falsehoods which a Maya-ridden man embraces in the stupor of ignorance, but from the very beginning, falsehoods carry within themselves their own insufficiency and bankruptcy. Discerning falsehood Sooner or later they are known to be falsehoods. This brings us to the question, “How do we discern the falsehood as falsehood?” There is no way out of falsehood except by knowing it as falsehood, but this knowledge of falsehood as falsehood would never come unless it were in some way latent in falsehood from the very beginning.
        The acceptance of falsehood is always a bedridden compromise. Even in the very depths of ignorance the soul gives some kind of challenge to falsehood. In falsehood there is suspicion and fear However feeble and inarticulate it might seem to be in its initial stages, it is the beginning of that search for the Truth which ultimately annihilates all falsehood and all ignorance. In the acceptance of a falsehood there is an ever-growing restlessness—a deep suspicion and a vague fear. For example, when a man considers himself