Volume III  Page 137  §  Maya
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba


Part I

EVERYONE wants to know and realise the Truth, but Truth cannot be known and realised as Truth unless ignorance is known and realised as being ignorance. Importance of understanding falsehoods of Maya Hence arises the importance of understanding Maya or the principle of ignorance. People read and hear much about Maya, but few understand what it really is. It is not enough to have a superficial understanding of Maya; it is necessary that Maya should be understood as it is, i.e., in its reality. To understand Maya or the principle of ignorance is to know half of the Truth of the universe. Ignorance in all its forms must disappear if the soul is to be established in the state of self-knowledge. Therefore it is imperatively necessary for man to know what is false, to know it to be false and to get rid of the false by knowing it to be false.
        What is the essential nature of a falsehood? Essence of falsehood If the true is known as being true or if the false is known as being false, there is no falsehood but only a form of knowledge. Falsehood consists in taking the true as being false or the