Volume III  Page 124  §  Qualifications of the Aspirant
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

Qualifications of the Aspirant

Part III

THE aspirant always has to be in readiness to serve the cause of humanity. Readiness to serve according to aptitude and ability He need not apply himself to any type of work irrespective of his capacity. He has to select that portion of work which he is qualified to do by virtue of his individual aptitude and abilities. But whatever service he can render by virtue of his capacity, he renders even when the circumstances are most trying.
        The ordeals through which he may have to pass are many, but his determination to serve whenever possible must remain unshaken. No claims of limited “I” He is not in any way attached to the idea of service, however, in the sense of maximum results being secured through himself alone. If any service needs to be rendered he is willing to render it with any amount of sacrifice, but he is never bound by the false idea, “I alone should have the credit for doing it.” If the privilege of rendering the service falls to the lot of someone else, he is not envious. If he were to seek opportunities for himself to render service it would be a form of selfishness. In service which really