Volume III  Page 118  §  Qualifications of the Aspirant

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

Qualifications of the Aspirant

Part II

IF the inner life of man is to be harmonious and enlightened he has to develop and express many divine qualities while he is engaged in his daily duties. Qualities necessary for spiritual life interdependent Each quality, by itself, may not seem to be extremely important, but it is not correct to consider it apart from its necessary relation with other important qualities. In spiritual life all these qualities implement and support each other; and their inter-connection is so vital that not one of them can be completely ignored without detriment to many other essential qualities. So, considered in its true function, each of these divine qualities turns out to be absolutely indispensable for a complete life.
        Every man is a rightful heir to the Truth, but he who would inherit it must be spiritually prepared for it, and this spiritual preparation sometimes takes several lives of patient and persistent effort. Patience and persistence Therefore, one of the first requirements of the aspirant is that he should combine unfailing enthusiasm with unyielding patience. Once a man is determined to realise the Truth he finds that