Volume III  Page 105  §  The Task for Spiritual Workers

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Task for Spiritual Workers

I am very happy that, in response to my call, you have gathered to receive my message to you. On the Path, the most important condition of discipleship is readiness to work for the spiritual cause of bringing humanity closer and closer to the realisation of God. Be the torch-bearers for humanity I am glad to note that through faith and love for me you have whole-heartedly offered yourselves to share in my universal work of spiritualising the world. I have full confidence that you will not only inherit for yourselves the Truth which I bring, but also become enthusiastic and valiant torch-bearers for humanity, which is enveloped in deep ignorance.
        Because of its supreme importance for the true and final well-being of humanity, spiritual work has a natural and imperative claim on all who love humanity. Nature of spiritual work It is therefore very necessary to be quite clear about its nature. The whole world is firmly established in the false idea of separateness, and being caught up in the illusion of duality, it is subject to all the complexities of duality. The spiritual workers have to redeem the world from the throes of imagined duality by bringing home to it the truth of the unity of all life.
        The root-cause of the illusion of manyness is that