Volume III  Page 100  §  Work for the Spiritual Freedom of Humanity

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

Work for the Spiritual Freedom of Humanity

ALL over the world the spirit of man is crying for freedom. Love of freedom and the search for freedom are the principal characteristics of humanity. In all races and in all climes, in all countries and at all times, the watchword for the groping and struggling humanity has always been freedom! Cry for freedom There are very few persons however who really understand the full implications of true and unqualified freedom; and there are many who, in their partial understanding of the real conditions of freedom, strive only for the attainment of that kind of existence which gives them a sense of relative freedom. Thus, different persons long for different kinds of freedom according to the different things which they have come to value.
        Freedom to live as one wishes is sought in all departments of life. This imperative demand for freedom usually expresses itself by fastening upon some external conditions of the kind of existence which people wish to lead. Kinds of freedom Thus those who identify their being with their country seek national or political freedom. Those who are animated by economic purposes seek economic freedom. Those who are inspired by religious aspirations seek freedom of religion. Those who are enthusiastic about sociological or cultural ideology seek freedom of movement and