Volume II  Page 75  §  The Nature of the Ego and Its Termination
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Nature of the Ego and Its Termination

Part III

THE ego subsists upon mundane possessions like power, fame, wealth, ability, attainments and accomplishments. It creates and recognises the “thine” in order to feel what is distinctively “mine.” Ego lives through idea of “mine” However, in spite of all the worldly things which it claims as “mine,” it constantly feels empty and incomplete. To make up for this deep restlessness in its own being, it seeks to fortify itself through further acquisitions. It brings the array of its entire varied possessions into relief by comparison with others who might be inferior in any one of the items stamped as “mine” and often uses these possessions for wanton and uncalled for self-display even to the disadvantage of others. The ego is dissatisfied in spite of its mundane possessions, but instead of cultivating detachment from them it seeks to derive satisfaction from a more intense sense of possession in contradistinction to others. The ego as an affirmation of separateness lives through the idea of “mine.”
        The ego wants to feel separate and unique and it