Volume II  Page 67  §  The Nature of the Ego and Its Termination
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Nature of the Ego and Its Termination

Part II

THE ego is an affirmation of separateness. It takes many forms. It may take the form of a continued self-conscious memory expressing itself in recollections like, “I did this and I did that; I felt this and I felt that; I thought this and I thought that.” Ego is an affirmation of separateness It also takes the form of ego-centred hopes for the future expressing themselves through plans like, “I shall do this and I shall do that; I shall feel this and I shall feel that; I shall think this and I shall think that.” Or again in the present, the ego manifests itself in a strong feeling of being someone in particular and asserts its distinctness and separateness from all the other centres of consciousness. While provisionally serving a useful purpose as a centre of consciousness, the ego, as an affirmation of separateness, constitutes the chief hindrance to spiritual emancipation and enlightenment of consciousness.
        The ego affirms its separateness through craving, hate, anger, fear or jealousy. When a person craves for the company of others he is keenly conscious of being separate from them and thus feels his own separate existence