Volume II  Page 50  §  The Ways of the Masters
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Ways of the Masters

MASTERS are absolutely impersonal and universal in their consciousness, but for spiritual purposes they can limit the scope of their work and also allow their manifested personality to become the centre of the aspirations of their disciples. Masters ever ready to help They use personal relationships as well-defined channels to pass on their help to those aspirants who become connected with them. The Masters are always on the lookout for those who need and deserve their help and the faintest gleams of spiritual yearnings are not overlooked by them. They foster and promote the advancement of all aspirants in multifarious ways which are unfailingly effective, although they might not necessarily be completely intelligible to others.
         The help of the Master consists in making the spiritual journey of the aspirant sure and safe as well as in shortening the time which he might otherwise take for arriving at the goal. Nature of their help The aspirant may go a long way through independent search, but he is unable to cross the sixth plane without the help of a Master. Even on the intermediate planes the help of the Master is extremely valuable, because he prevents the aspirant from getting stuck on the way and protects him from the pitfalls