Volume II  Page 184  §  The Deeper Aspects of Sadhana
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Deeper Aspects of Sadhana

FOR most persons, spiritual Sadhana (the path of attainment) consists in the external observance of rituals and ceremonies prescribed by their own religion. Transition from rituals to deeper aspects of Sadhana In the initial stages such observance has its own value as a factor contributing towards self-purification and mental discipline; but ultimately the aspirant has to transcend the phase of external conformity and become initiated into the deeper aspects of spiritual Sadhana. When this happens the external aspect of religion falls into the background and the aspirant gets interested in the essentials revealed in all the great religions. True Sadhana consists in a life which is based upon spiritual understanding, and it comes to a person who is really keen about spiritual realities.
        Sadhana must never be regarded as consisting in the application of rigid laws. In life there cannot be and need not be strict and unrelieved uniformity. Diversity of Sadhanas In the spiritual field there is ample room for diversity of Sadhanas. The Sadhana which is useful for a particular aspirant is bound to be related to his sanskaras and temperament and so, although the spiritual goal for all is the same, the Sadhana of a given aspirant may be peculiar