Volume II  Page 161  §  The Types of Meditation
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Types of Meditation

Part VII

THE different forms of meditation practised before consciously entering the Path, as well as the different forms of general and special meditation adopted after becoming an aspirant, are preparatory to the attainment of the highest state of Sahaj Samadhi or spontaneous meditation, Sahaj Samadhi stands by itselfin which the aspirant becomes permanently established when he realises the ultimate goal of life. The Sahaj Samadhi of the Siddha or God-realised person is continuous with all the prior forms of meditation and is a culmination of them, but different in kind, and belongs to an entirely different order.
        The spontaneity or effortlessness of Sahaj Samadhi must be carefully distinguished from the pseudo-sense Pre-spiritual meditations of worldly manof spontaneity which is present in the usual meditations of the worldly man who has not yet entered the Path. The mind of the worldly man is engrossed in the object of sense, and he experiences no sense of effort in meditating on these objects. His mind dwells upon them because