Volume II  Page 153  §  The Types of Meditation
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Types of Meditation

Part VI

PART V was devoted to explanatory comments on those specialised meditations which are personal. This part will be devoted to those specialised meditations which are impersonal. Distinction between personal and impersonal meditation It might be recalled that meditation is personal when it is concerned with a person, and impersonal when it is concerned with (a) aspects of personality or (b) something which falls outside the range of human personality, as it is commonly understood. In the Table of Enumerative Classification given in Part V, the first four forms of meditation are personal and the remaining eight forms are impersonal. Like the forms of personal meditation, the forms of impersonal meditation also individually deserve separate explanatory comments.
        Man’s attention has a tendency to be riveted on his own bodies or on other forms independent of the spirit which they manifest. This leads to illusions, entanglements and other complications. Hence arises the need for a type of meditation which will enable