Volume II  Page 149  §  The Types of Meditation: V

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

draw out the heart. In spiritual perfection the mind and the heart have to be fully developed and balanced. Therefore personal meditation, which helps the development and balancing of the mind and the heart, has special importance. Impersonal meditation is really fruitful and effective when the aspirant has been duly prepared through forms of personal meditation.
        Personal meditation is directed towards persons who are spiritually perfect. Personal meditation directed towards spiritually perfect persons Just as a man who admires the character of Napoleon and constantly thinks about him has a tendency to become like him, so an aspirant who admires some spiritually perfect person and constantly thinks about him has a tendency to become spiritually perfect. A suitable object for personal meditation is a living Master or Avatar or Masters and Avatars of the past. It is important that the object of meditation be spiritually perfect. If the person selected for meditation happens to be spiritually imperfect, there is every chance of his frailties percolating into the mind of the aspirant who meditates upon him. If the person selected for meditation is spiritually perfect, however, the aspirant has taken to a safe and sure path.
        Personal meditation often begins with the admiration which an aspirant feels spontaneously for some divine quality which he sees in the Master. Meditation on divine qualities of Master By allowing the mind to dwell upon the divine qualities of the Master, the aspirant imbibes them into his own being[1]. Ultimately, the Master, on his part, is beyond all qualities—good and bad. He is not bound by them. The qualities which he exhibits, while interacting with life around, are all different aspects of

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