Volume II  Page 127  §  The Types of Meditation
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Types of Meditation

Part III

THE process of meditation aims at understanding and transcending the wide and varied range of experience. Meditation an attempt to understand experience When meditation is interpreted in this manner, it is at once seen to be something which is not peculiar to a few aspirants. It turns out to be a process in which every living creature is engaged in some way.
        The tiger intent upon devouring a lamb that it has spied, “meditates” upon the lamb. The lamb in its turn having sighted the tiger, “meditates” upon the tiger. Meditation is universal The man who waits on the platform for the train is “meditating” upon the train, and the driver of the train, who expects to be relieved at the next station, is “meditating” upon the station. The scientist who works upon an unsolved problem “meditates” upon that problem. The patient who is waiting with tense anxiety for a doctor is “meditating” upon the doctor; and the doctor who is awaiting payment of his bill is “meditating” upon the account. When the