Volume II  Page 111  §  The Types of Meditation
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Types of Meditation

Part I

MEDITATION may be described as the path which the individual cuts for himself while trying to get beyond the limitations of the mind. Meditation is the path forged by the individual while controlling mind If a man caught up in the tangles of a thick forest tries to get out into the open, his efforts to break through the encircling impediments will leave behind him the marks of his journey. By the study of these marks an observer will be able to describe the paths which he traversed in his attempt to come out into the open. The movements of the man who comes out of the forest are different in principle from those of the railway engine which moves along rails already laid on the course it is to take. The man is not following a ready-made path; the path becomes imprinted after he has traversed it. In the same way, the man who finds himself drawn into deep meditation is really grappling with the spiritual problems that he faces. He is not merely trying to adhere to a rigid line of movement that already exists in his mental make-up.