Volume II  Page 104  §  The Place of Occultism in Spiritual Life: III

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

Occultism as an art to be restricted to furtherance of spiritual purposes material needs of humanity or helping it in its mundane purposes. The introduction of an uncertain and incalculable factor, which the free exercise of occult power would involve, is bound to create much confusion and disturbance in the ordinary pursuits of men, who must be left to their own limitations, resources and possibilities for the equal and uninterrupted working out of the law of Karma. The use of occult power, therefore, has to be strictly restricted to the furtherance of spiritual purposes.
        Sometimes the saints do fulfill some of the mundane desires of their devotees, but this is not done because they are interested in mundane affairs, but because they are interested in weaning their devotees away from their material cravings. When children are very young they cannot be induced to attend to letters written on a slate. Material bait for spiritual interest In order to induce their attention to letters the elders present them sometimes with letters specially constructed out of sweets. Then they attend to these letters, not because they are interested in the letters as such, but because they are interested in the sweets. But this often proves to be the beginning of their interest in the letters themselves, and the sweets can soon be discarded after they have cultivated this interest. Worldly people are like such young children. Just as the father may occasionally give a piece of chocolate to the baby in order to encourage it to be good, the saints might give to their worldly minded devotees certain harmless objects they desire so that they may eventually be willing to part with them and get interested in true spirituality.
        Worldly people are so much immersed in material cravings that nothing interests them unless it has some