Sixth Edition for the World Wide Web
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

Sixth Edition for the World Wide Web

June 16, 2004

The sixth edition is the last version of the Discourses published under Meher Baba’s direct supervision. Except for the typographical corrections listed below, this electronic printing for the world wide web makes every effort to exactly preserve the wording, spelling, punctuation, italics, and other presentational aspects of the sixth edition, first printed in 1967. The drawing of Baba on these pages was done by Rano Gayley in 1972.

Typographical Corrections
Page Printed Version Web Version
Volume II, page 13 sufferring suffering
Volume II, page 48 artifical artificial
Volume II, page 88 hallucinaiotn hallucination
Volume II, page 137 explaning explaining
Volume II, page 168 earier earlier
Volume II, page 168 one aim., viz., one aim, viz.,
Volume II, page 169 conprised comprised
Volume III, page 77 possesssions possessions
Volume III, page 95 earier earlier
Volume III, page 109 (iii) . . . from within. (iii) . . . from within:
Volume III, page 114 sonetimes sometimes