Volume I  Page 77  §  The Removal of Sanskaras

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Removal of Sanskaras

Part II

IN the last chapter I have explained those methods of removing sanskaras which depend chiefly on the principle of negating the positive sanskaras which veil the Truth from consciousness Negation of sanskaras attained through control and prevent self-illumination, for which the whole creation came into being. All these methods of negating the positive sanskaras are ultimately based upon the control of the body and mind. Control of the habitual tendencies of the mind is much more difficult than control of physical actions. The fleeting and evasive thoughts and desires of the mind can be curbed only with great patience and persistent practice. But the restraint of mental processes and reactions is necessary to check the formation of new sanskaras and to wear out or unwind the old sanskaras of which they are expressions. Though control might be difficult at the beginning, through sincere effort it gradually becomes natural and easy of achievement.
        Control is deliberate and involves effort as long as the mind is trying to decondition itself through the removal