Volume I  Page 65  §  The Removal of Sanskaras

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Removal of Sanskaras

Part I

HUMAN beings do not have Self-illumination, because their consciousness is shrouded in sanskaras or the accumulated imprints of past experience. In them the will-to-be-conscious with Sanskaras prevent Self-illumination which evolution started has succeeded in creating consciousness. But it does not arrive at the knowledge of the Oversoul, because the individual soul is impelled to use consciousness for experiencing sanskaras instead of utilising it for experiencing its own true nature as the Oversoul. The experiencing of sanskaras keeps it confined to the illusion of being a finite body trying to adjust itself in the world of things and persons.
        The individual souls are like the drops in the ocean. Just as each drop in the ocean is fundamentally identical with the ocean, the soul which is Problem of securing release from sanskaras individualised due to bhas or illusion is still the Oversoul and does not really become separate from the Oversoul. Yet the envelope of sanskaras, by which consciousness is covered,