Volume I  Page 43  §  The Beginning and the End of Creation

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Beginning and the End of Creation

AS long as the human mind does not directly experience Ultimate Reality as it is, the mind is baffled in every attempt to explain the origin and purpose of creation. Whence and whither? The ancient past seems to be shrouded in inscrutable mystery and the future seems to be a completely sealed book. The human mind can at best make brilliant conjectures about the past and the future of the universe, because it is bound by the spell of Maya. It can neither arrive at final knowledge on these points nor can it remain content with ignorance about them. “Whence?” and “Whither?” are the two everlasting and poignant queries which make the human mind divinely restless.
        The human mind cannot reconcile itself to infinite regress in its search for the origin of the world, nor can it reconcile itself to endless change without a goal. The beginning and the end Evolution is unintelligible if it has no initial cause, and it is deprived of all direction and meaning if it all does not lead to a terminus. The very questions “Whence?” and “Whither?” presuppose the beginning and end of this evolving creation. The beginning of evolution is the beginning of time and the end of evolution is the end of time. Evolution has both beginning