Volume I  Page 171  §  The Infinity of the Truth
DISCOURSES by Meher Baba
different from the principle of equality, i.e., that one person is equal to any other single person in respect to claims, right and worth, but can never be equal within duality to two or more persons.
        On the other hand, the spiritual infinity of the Truth has room for the paradox that one person can be regarded as the totality itself. The one in each and all Therefore one person is not only capable of being looked upon as equal in importance to two or more persons but even as equal to all. In spiritual infinity all comparison is out of place. There is no smaller or greater, or hierarchy of claims, privileges and rights, and valuation remains unclouded because of the unmarred perception of The One in each and all. Since everyone in creation is not only in spiritual infinity, but is that indivisible spiritual infinity, then everyone is first in importance and no one is second.
        In social life the recognition of the spiritual infinity of the Truth will mean a challenge to individualism as well as to collectivism. It initiates a new way of thinking in terms of an indivisible totality The new civilisation and it discards all the relative values of comparison in favour of the recognition of the intrinsic worth of everything. In a civilisation based upon a true idea of the spiritual infinity of the Truth, there will therefore be no problems of majority and minority, of rivalry and competition, and of those comparisons and laborious assessments which so often become a shelter for pride and separative ego. Life then will be infinitely simple and integral, because the illusions which create rifts and complexities will all have disappeared.

This ends Volume I.