Volume I  Page 165  §  The Infinity of the Truth

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Infinity of the Truth

MOST persons are under the impression that anything which can claim to have spiritual importance must necessarily be very big from the worldly point of view. Source of error in spiritual valuation Thus, to be considered spiritual, an act must have far-reaching effects, or must substantially affect an extensive field of life. They are constantly judging the worth of an action by the magnitude of its consequences. Man is ordinarily so immersed in the objects of the gross world that the dimensions, magnitudes and quantities of the gross world unconsciously creep into his estimate of spiritual worth and pervert his evaluation.
        All this confusion is due to the fact that man’s mind is often dominated by mathematical ideas, even when it is concerned with estimates of a spiritual nature. Mathematical infinity But that which is spiritually great is different in kind from that which is mathematically great. The mathematical idea of infinity is constructed by imagining the collection of an infinite number of units, each of which has a fixed and identical value or importance. Actually such mathematical infinity is unreachable even in imagination, because for any imaginable number we can conceive a number which would be still greater. Each unit is