Volume I  Page 142  §  The Problem of Sex

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Problem of Sex

SEX is decidedly one of the most important problems with which the human mind is confronted in the domain of duality. It is one of the “givens” in the make-up of human nature with which one has to deal. Arising of problem of sex Like everything else in human life, sex comes to be considered through the opposites which are the necessary creations of the limited mind. Just as the mind tries to fit life into a scheme of alternatives such as joy or pain, good or bad, solitude or company, attraction or repulsion, so in relation to sex it tends to think of indulgence and repression as alternatives from which there is no escape. It seems as if man must accept the one alternative or the other. Yet he cannot whole-heartedly accept either, for when he tries repression he is dissatisfied with his lot and longingly thinks of indulgence. When he tries indulgence he becomes conscious of his bondage to the senses and seeks freedom by going back to mechanical repression. The mind remains dissatisfied with both alternatives and there thus arises one of the most vital and complicated problems of human life.
        In order to solve the problem of sex, the mind must first understand that both alternatives are equally the creation of imagination working under the deluding