Volume I  Page 121  §  The Life of the Spirit

DISCOURSES by Meher Baba

The Life of the Spirit

IN true Karma Yoga or the life of perfect action, there is proper adjustment between the material and the spiritual aspects of life. In this type of life consciousness is not fettered to the mundane Karmayogin faces the problems of life and material things, but at the same time it is not allowed to fly away from everyday existence. The mind is not allowed to be immersed in the material life of gnawing wants, nor is it allowed to be merged in spiritual bliss. It is used to face and tackle the problems of life from the point of view of spiritual understanding.
        Proper adjustment between the material and the spiritual aspects of life is not secured by giving equal importance to them. Matter to be used as pliable instrument for expression of spiritIt is not secured by taking something from the material and something from the spiritual and then striking a balance between the two. The spirit must and ever will have an inviolable primacy over matter, but the primacy is not expressed by avoiding or rejecting matter, rather by using it as an adequate vehicle for the expressions of the spirit. In intelligent adjustment matter has to play the role of a pliable instrument for the self-manifestation of the spirit, and must not in any way become obtrusive in its own rights. Just as the